Insistently urgent and constantly demanding red neon text repeatedly flashes on and off.

NOW, in the solo exhibition. AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED, QUAD, Derby, 2014
NOW was produced in 2013 as an element within the body of work; AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED. AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED (2013-14) is a body of sculpture and video work that considers the historic and groundbreaking experimental ESP (extrasensory perception) work of parapsychologist Dr JB Rhine (1895-1980). Regarded as the Father of Modern Parapsychology Rhine was a leading researcher and published author. Rhine was interested in testing ESP, telepathy, psychokinesis and precognition through laboratory methods acceptable to science. Rhine began his renowned experimental research in the 1930s and developed tests employing the identification of unseen cards and the prediction of dice rolls.

pursues the artist's fascination in the researcher's quest for answers and proof and reflects on the lives and personaliities, and the work and experimental apparatus of those involved in parapsychology. A 1934 telegram found in the archives of the Parapsychology Laboratory, housed at Duke University, Durham, NC, and carrying a sticker demanding 'AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED BY THE SENDER OF THIS MESSAGE' provides the title for the body of work.

AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED is developed from the artist's 2011 residency working with the Rhine Research Center and Parapsychology Laboratory Records, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.
NOW, APALAZZO Gallery, Brescia, Italy, 2015
Also pictured Aldous's Eyes, 2014